kris aka sasaengbitch ♡

down 2 earth, humble, skuxx

Anonymous asked: i love to listen to sad songs and cry about my sad ass life

awwh get a cat

Anonymous asked: if i send u a selfie will u acknowledge me 4 real

send me $$$ instead

if u think i will post ur dumb anon hate messages then u are mistaken! have a nice day :~)


remember imagine how is touch the sky 

u know the guy who dun fucked his anime pillow

i went through his blog and he is literally a self proclaimed pedophile with an unhealthy fetishisation of asian girls and anime culture and his weaboo following is praising him for it :-/ icky

Anonymous asked: You always talk about nicole ngac774 do you guys know each other irl? Very cute lol I can imagine you two hanging out together

all we do is fart and talk about booty ass yes yes very cute!


tumblr user jinkeu is amazing and i cant breathe


nikki samwiseganja is a force to be reckoned with………..